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English: The Arcadian or Pastoral State, secon...

The Arcadian or Pastoral State, second painting in The Course of Empire, by Thomas Cole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Talisman of El is a d├ębut novel by Alecia Stone. It is the first in a proposed trilogy. It is published by Centrinian Publishing Ltd. I took up an offer to receive an e-book advance review copy.

There is action right from the start. Young adult characters get involved with a mysterious stranger.

In the first two chapters I was a little distracted by small writing/language problems (the narrator often uses U.S. speech patterns but the text, e.g. spelling, is written in British English). By chapter three the writing flows and the story is gripping.

Do you believe that the Old Testament is literally true? Could the Garden of Eden be a real place where Adam and Eve were Created? This work is for you! It draws on myths from ancient sources, supposing them literally true, but sceptical readers may find it difficult to suspend their disbelief.

At times the narrative was overly linear.

There were several editing problems such as “draw” appearing where “drawer”(furniture) would be appropriate. In the phrase “wearing baggy trousers and black converse”, without capitalisation (after research I learned that Converse is a trainers brand-name), I couldn’t understand “converse”.
Some sentences don’t scan well.

I found the story going into territory I don’t really like. It can be icky when an adult leads children on an adventure away from home and the supernatural good/evil conflict theme doesn’t really interest me. I wasn’t able to finish it. Rating: 3/10.