IFcomp 2015 My top 10 so far

It’s that “ifcomp” time of year again! The Interactive Fiction Competition 2015 is open – 50 free interactive fictions are available to read/play. You can vote for your favourites until November 15th.





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You can explore this online social world by selecting hypertext links or typing simple commands.


I Think The Waves Are Watching Me
download .NET executable

In a mysterious, dream-like world, enormous tidal waves have surrounded an island — trapping you along with many others. And then the killing starts. What are you going to do? Better decide quickly. You have two hours left and the clock is ticking.

This game contains random stories, random people, random outcomes, and “achievements” that make it highly replayable and rewards you with multiple endings.


play online

download web page for offline play

They say it’s death to seek the witch. For you, it’s worth the risk. Venture in to the forest in search of relief, but remember that magic is rarely straightforward.

A short psychological game about self-knowledge and its price. Content warning: blood, self-harm, suicidal ideation, violence, death.


play online

download web page for offline play

Fourteen-year-old Bridget’s summer camp experience takes a turn for the bizarre when her otherworldly bird dreams start bleeding into reality.


War of the Willows
download python 2.7 script

Did you see the clean air of the hilltops? Wind waves tumbled down through trees, tore drifts of lavender smoke… Did you see then, in the cinder, glowing in the pewter cup, did you see how Death would wrap its roots around our throats?


Requires a Python interpreter. Written and tested with Python 2.7, but should work in 3.x.


Final Exam
play online

download z-code game file

In the dream, you are already one of the Administrators. Responsible for the security of all of the countries once known as the West, your decisions affect the lives of two billion people. It’s a tough job, and you worked hard for many years in order to get it.

Then you wake, and remember you’re not even qualified to work here yet. Today is the day you qualify. Today is the day of your Final Exam.


Sub Rosa
play online

download Glulx game file

A puzzle game about secrets in the Age of Lead. You’ve spent seventeen years preparing for an infiltration. Stealing the Confessor’s secrets is only the beginning: it will all be for nothing if you leave a trace.


5 Minutes to Burn Something!
play online

download z-code game file

You’re great at burning bridges and midnight oil, but figurative fire can’t save you now.


Much Love, BJP
play online

download web page for offline play

A brief look at the life of a fictional war correspondent. “Much Love: BJP” was showcased to a limited audience at the Hope College Celebration for Undergraduate Research.


play online

download web page for offline play

A new generation in construction and creativity is finally here! No matter who you are GROWBOTICS will help you channel your inner artist.

A short exploration of invention, expectation, learning and context.

Minimal use of sound. Internet Explorer and mobile browsers are not fully supported.


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