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I found the first two episodes slow and boring, science-fiction wallpaper. Recalling the exciting film, Stargate (1994), and entertaining knock-about television series, Stargate SG-1, I didn’t know what this new US television series was for.
But by episode three the characters begin to come to life, and a lost in space premise emerges. Advanced technology is discovered on Earth. While investigating, a Scottish scientist, a MIT drop-out, and sundry soldiers are blasted into space when it turns out that they were in a spaceship.

As in similar works, the crew cannot recognise the stars – they may be hundreds of light years from Earth. Unlike the film, Lost in Space, and unlike television series Startrek:Voyager, the controls for the spaceship are mysterious to the crew. Indeed survival is uncertain as the power for life support is limited.

This series reproduces familiar Stargate elements: a scratchy expert conflicts with a dictatorial military leader. The characters have strange experiences investigating advanced technology and exploring alien worlds. The characters are older than in prior works. It’s still quite slow, after episode four we still haven’t seen a walking talking alien, but the spaceship has entered a habitable solar system after running out of fuel – the crew must explore.

Ethnically, the cast is almost completely white in these early episodes, although more diverse characters appear later in the series.